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How order for washing carpet or moquette or Sofa?

its very easy, just tell us your Location, we will come and pick up your carpet,

next at the Lowest time we wash it & give back your carpet to you.

Washing Sofa & moquette in your place

we wash your Sofa in your Place with world’s highest technology’s machine and excellent quality

Company Email Address


if you dont want to contact us by website phone numbers, you can send email for us, we will answer you as soon as possible 

How long take for washing?

we wash your carpet in 1 day , and it take 1 day to become dry

but normally we give back washed carpet in less than 3 days

how much is washing price?

it depends how long is your carpet or sofa, and which type is it

you can call us, to receive exact price

Contact US

tell: 0501495451

Al Qusais IndustrialArea 5, 82925 ,Dubai


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We use special method to wash the handmade silk carpet so that the color does not mix together. If the damage on your silk handmade carpet is very bad we can Not guarantee to make the color look 100% like before.
carpet cleaning Dubai best standard world wash .
we wash your carpet whit hand and full water and 2 time detergent wash and machine also come one your carpet
up sit and on sit to your carpet come 100% clean and after wash need take all water at carpet I have spatial dry machine
to dry carpet after I have sun area to carpet come 100% dry and no any bad smile